Initial observations

The arrest of Karadžić is of course a huge event, leaving just two major suspects (only one of whom is worth the trouble) still to be captured and tried. A few initial observations:
  • It was announced that he was arrested, but not where. This matters in the sense that a lot of people have claimed for a long time either that they know where he is or that someone else does. The BBC report sazs that he was arrested "by Serbian security officers," which would suggest that it happened in Serbia.
  • On the same say that Karadžić was arrested, Dinko Šakić died. Pravo stiže svakom govnu.
  • The Tribunal had better not mess this one up because there are not many chances left.
More on the story as it develops, no doubt.

A couple more details, from B92: it happened in Serbia, and the Interior ministry had no part in it.


Anonymous said...

BBC say he was on a bus. Presumably using his Freedom Card.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen any news lately about the investigation into the killing of Jakovljevic and Milovanovic, supposedly for catching sight of Mladic at Topcider barracks. The last was when the Serbian prosecutor was said to have dumped thousands of untranslated pages on the desk of the FBI last year. Have you picked up anything?

Eric Gordy said...

I think the bus story comes from Karadžić's lawyer. On the Topcider killings, there was a report from the FBI, but I need to refresh my memory. I'll get back on it.