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Sure I take requests! Coturnix of Science and politics asked for a selection of good Balkan blogs. So … I know a little and found out some more, here are my favorite finds from the first outing:

There is an anonymous but not reticent Sarajka in Rotterdam (no, Amsterdam! sorry!) who encapsulates culture, politics, literature and art in her generally folly-free Letters to Erasmus.

Bojan Bajgorić Šantić, a respected Splitizen, is the first blog-based candidate for the Croatian presidency.

A classic formulation, at Ne bih da se petljam we find the ruminations of a person who would really prefer not to get involved, but in such a situation…

Outsiders take on the challenges of life and politics in Bucharest at Halfway down the Danube. The authors are aware that Bucharest is not on the Danube, give them a chance.

Dragos Novac offers in @rgumente a sort of mixed presentation of business, technology and Romanian politics. I choose it for his elaborate metaphor about cows, the world needs more of these.

In the name of the “Initiative for a normal Serbia,” Miroslav Hristodulo gives his unique and disarmingly honest political analysis. Is it normal for Serbia that he has not updated since March? Probudi se Miroslave, čekamo tvoje insajte.

Holding up the end of people who have not updated on this side of the puddle, a US law student kept us updated on what was being done about Finding Karadžić until, say, October. It’s still pretty interesting.

At Flogging the Simian, one Soj gives long examples of investigative journalism, some of it quite original, and all definitely free of the big-media orientation available almost everywhere else. We hope she does not really abuse primates.

I promise to review any suggested additions to the list and include the ones that strike my fancy in a future installment.

Update: Get an ongoing take on the literature and architecture of Sarajevo with a refreshing dip in the Miljacka. Thanks, Anonymous.


Anonymous said...

Hello East Ethnia! Great blogs, thank you for bringing them up. May I suggest another one? Very informative and interesting: quod scripsi, scripsi (http://miljacka.blog.hr/) from Sarajevo. Best regards from, actually, Amsterdam,
The Folly

coturnix said...

Hvala! These look great. I am bookmarking them.

Anonymous said...

If Slovenia comes within your remit there are a good number there. The best place to start is The Glory of Carniola (www.carniola.org)


Eric Gordy said...
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Eric Gordy said...

Sorry, my html deficiencies forced me to remove the last post. What it said:

Thank you James! I'll add carniola to the next installment. Also your "Lose the delusion," at http://www.losethedelusion.com/blog/, which you were modest not to mention.