Titoslavia, and an apology

That fine journalistic outfit from Bijeljina, SRNA, reports on the proclamation of the Republic of Titoslavia in the Sarajevo suburb of Rakovica -- the geographical center of the former Yugoslavia, explored by Zoran Solomun in his excellent Tagebuch eines Jugo-Nostalgikers: Im Zentrum Ex-Jugoslawiens, shown on Arte in 2003 -- planned for 25 May, Tito's birthday. SRNA reports that Titoslavia is

located on 3,5 hectares of land in a private park owned by Blasko Gabric, decorated with 133 trees originating from all over the world. Work is currently underway on the construction of a pool that will symbolize the Adriatic Sea.
The main motor behind the initiative is one Jezdimir Milosevic of the Sarajevo NGO Peaceful Action of Humanists. But SRNA didn't just write a fluff piece -- no, they went out and did their research, and they even interviewed someone who should have something interesting to say on the topic, Tito's eldest grandson, Joška. He told SRNA that things that were unimaginable during his granddad's rule could be seen in the Belgrade of today -- things such as the Albanian or Kosovo flag, “just because someone from Albania or Kosovo is visiting.”

Shocking times indeed.

Oh, and my apology is for cross-posting from my own blog -- it shan't happen again, and in my defense I shall point out that I just got back from a week of doing nothing and am too lazy to write two pieces tonight.

And a further apology is that Blogger's HTML seems to have trouble accepting all the little diacritics the South Slavs use in their names. I'll figure it out for future posts, or just avoid any names that got them.


Anonymous said...

Terrific post, Teekay... I'm glad that I get my East Ethnia fix while Eric is larking about in the neighborhood... Rich Byrne

Katja R. said...

Hi TK, most blogs are pissy about any non-Engiish othrographic systems. I hate that, it's behind the times. Don't avoid people's names, the people here know how they work.

T K Vogel said...

Rich, thanks for the advance praise. Let's see how I'll be holding up.

Yakima: we should just Anglicize all these pesky foreign names, especially those with funny accents, along the lines recently suggested by Jason Mulgrew.

T K Vogel said...

Quick update -- for Titoslavija's website, click here.