Playing "where's Ratko?" again

So the domestic media have quieted down a bit on the wait for the arrest of Ratko Mladić. But international media have moved in to fill the gap. First the Sunday Times reported on ongoing negotiations for Mladić's surrender, now the International Herald Tribune has joined in (see, of course, B92 for the full story). It does not help that the government is denying everything, since they would have to deny it whether it is true or not. But as outward signs that something is happening, look at the arrest of 11 Srebrenica suspects in RS and the revival of claims by right-wing parties about an "anti-Serbian campaign" led by NGOs. Signs from outside can be misleading, of course. The last time I saw large numbers of riot police on the streets, I had already begun speculating by the time I overheard three of them complaining to each other about what a waste it was to bring them out for a sports match.

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