Povratak otpisanog

Hello to the distinguished readers of East Ethnia from Budapest, which is still lovely but where it seems the bars now close at 12. Tomorrow I make my way to Belgrád from whence I will slowly resume blogging duties. Not just I, but also the two loyal readers I dined with last night, think that Teekay did a fantastic job in my absence. The coverage of the Srebrenica tape here has been some of the best material in English on the net.

For my part, what I learned while shepherding 17 students on a tour of Czech and Polish concentration camps over the past couple of weeks has been:

✮The utility of the Naški language diminishes in direct relation to how far north one has travelled.

✮Students are always happy to engage in a comparative discussion of atrocity memorials using sponsorship as an independent variable.

✮The sort of sleeping accommodations provided to students remain every bit as sketchy as they were when I was a student.

Other things I remain uncertain about, especially the most important ones.


R Byrne said...

Midnight???? Yikes!

Teekay was awesome. Aren't you glad I suggested this guest blogging thing?

Eric Gordy said...

I am indeed! And I am happy to report that Teekay has agreed to stay as well. Sarcasm and cynicism -- not just a fashionable combination but an eminently readable one!

Yakima_Gulag said...

I am glad, it worked great! Teekay is cool!
on Naski further north, sometimes I can understand what Russians are saying, but they have to come from fairly far north, where some dialects are pretty close to Bosnian.
I can sort of understand what Ukrainians are saying too.
Awesome job Teekay! I'm glad he is on board here!
I think I deserve credit for first mention on Srebenica though...