The nonweekly Friday Random Ten

I haven't followed this blog folk custom for a while, in which people are invited to open their computer audio players, set them to "random play," and list the first ten songs that come up. This is partly because I have been blogging less in general, and partly because I haven't been shopping much for new music, so the same things keep popping up. But for now, it's better than grading papers, so here it goes annotated:
Bran Van 3000 (with Youssou N'Dour) -- Montreal
Shuffling rhythm, angry Muppet references, and a guest appearance by a favorite globopopper. What else does a pop song need?

Snakefinger -- Beatnik party
Is it possible for the influence of Nino Rota on wiggly guitar styles to be too strong?

The Kinks -- Waterloo sunset
Early adventures in stereo, or an involuntary nod to classicism?

The Replacements -- Androgynous
Words to live by. They may have been a bit of a hit-or-miss group, but this was hit. This and "Mr Whirly."

Azra -- Gracija
I only have vague memories of the video in which Džoni Štulić sings the song behind the counter of a fish market. Does anyone have a copy?

Eszter Balint -- Un poison violent c'est ça l'amour
It remains impossible to decide whether this cover is better than Serge Gainsbourg's original or not.

Carmen Consoli -- Bambina impertinente
Can anybody explain to me why this person is not the hugest international star?

Eva Braun -- Aljaska
Few things are more enjoyable than cover versions that vastly improve on the originals.

Dinah Washington and Brooke Benton -- Baby you've got what it takes
These two should have recorded many more duets.

Üstmamò e Giovanni Lindo Ferretti -- Io sto bene
I dream of a world in which this tune is some country's national anthem.
Please feel free to list or link your random ten in the comments.


R Byrne said...

Eric: Where can I get that Eszter Balint song? Anyway, your 10 are always great -- because of the Balkan infusion. RB

Eric Gordy said...

It's on the Serge Gainsbourg tribute album in the "Great Jewish Music" series from Tzadik records:


They have a lot of other great looking titles, most of which I haven't heard. Tzadik is John Zorn's label, a little bit on the eclectic side.

DarkoV said...

Very ecelectic. Diversity is the key to staying awake.

Here's my meagre contribution.

cicciosax said...

Carmen Consoli is sicilian ah :-))))

Anonymous Expat said...

Angry muppet references? I must find and download this song. ;)

Ah, Waterloo Sunset. Love it!

I made a list, too.


Bleak Mouse said...

Juxtaposing the sinuosity of Snakefinger with the sublimity of The Kinks was a stroke of randomizing genius.

I don't really have enough computer music to make random selection a terribly interesting procedure. However, I may be able to laboriously create a list of songs from my CD collection that, although dictated by a sly intelligence, SEEM AS THOUGH they are selected by pure chance. A bit like certain Victorian theories of creation.

Concerning Tzadik: I was collecting the label at quite a merry pace, but ultimately had to give up after about 100 volumes. Even eclecticism can become predictable, and no wallet is immortal. What is he up to now -- SOUNDTRACKS CCCIX? Masada Meets Massacre?

Eric Gordy said...

Ah, mouse ... I see that although we have very different political inclinations, we are subject to similar musical syndromes.

Bleak Mouse said...

Yeah, there are a number of conservatives who listen to some very strange music, albeit privately. I think they think they're supposed to be listening to Elgar or "Red Neck Woman" or something. Perhaps they feel they ought not to approve of John Zorn and Snakefinger.

Myself, I thrive on contradictions. If my conservative friends run screaming from the house when I put on a CD, then my musical friends run screaming from the house when they find out I'm not a political liberal.

You just can't please some people.

Anyway, I linked here through DarkoV, and paid no attention to the politics, which is my preferred mode of political engagement at the moment.

Eric Gordy said...

No attention is a good mode of engagement, not just for politics...

My apologies for not posting much this week. I've been hit with a lot of projects to finish at work this week.