The Pink empire, more interesting than ever

The Catholic church owns 26 percent of the shares in the Slovenian broadcast outlet TV Prva. Now the Belgrade-based RTV Pink would like to buy the other 74 percent. Pink is of course well known for its turbo-folk promotions, its echt-popular films and series, and of course its glitzy and model-filled "entertainment" program. It has been on the Bosnian market for a while, and in Serbia has recently positioned itself to compete with the slumbering state-owned giant RTS for a shot at dominating the news market. The church might not be so delighted to enter into a partnership with Pink, as the two institutions have some diverging thematic interests. But the results would certainly be interesting.

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Michael M. said...

It certainly would be an interesting mix. Unimaginable actually. But Prva already is a bit risque -- they run all those "Top 50 Hollywood Sex Secrets!!" shows from VH1 and E!

But I think the catholic church in Slovenia has much bigger fish to fry in the future. Since they supported and won the recent referendum (http://www.rferl.org/featuresarticle/2005/09/1ABA16EE-5552-4249-8A4A-D2D768CF6F10.html) to put the national programs under government control, everyone is expecting a lot more church-oriented programming.