Prediction: Something might happen, maybe

The interior ministry of RS is negotiating with somebody regarding a surrender to the ICTY, reports Nezavisne novine. It might be Ratko Mladić, but then again it might not be.


András said...

A day after Nezavisne novine broke the story, the RS authorities are denying there are any negotiations and insist that Dragomir Andan, the chief of the RS police, is in Belgrade "on a private visit." But they would say that, wouldn't they?

I dunno. I will believe that these guys are serious only when I see Mladic and Karadzic in the dock at The Hague. Until then, talk is cheap. Rumors even cheaper.

Eric Gordy said...

These speculative items pop up in the news from time to time, and of course everybody involved issues denials whether they are true or not.

One possibility is that they develop informally, as when a reporter asks the police "why aren't you doing anything?" and the police respond enigmatically with "wait a little bit and you will see what we are doing." Another possibility is that they are generated intentionally, either to distract attention from another news item by sparking an ungrounded debate or to give the impression of activity where there is none.