Prices up, Ashdown?

I do not know whether this is a hoax or not, and it seems to me the fellow hasn't moved yet (although contingency is a concept that travels well). But if it is not, then Paddy Ashdown's vikendica on the shores of Jablanica lake is available. Fishing, swimming, barbecue, a vegetable patch, all "reached via an electronic gate off of the main road from Sarajevo" and available for 200.000 Euros.


Yakima_Gulag said...

Yes I saw that ad, a subsidiary of Croatia Home and Holiday has an advert for it, out of my humble price range na zalost, in fact if guys like him keep driveing prices up it's going to be bad for a lot of people. I hope the price comes down actually.

oskar said...

Considering how little people earn and how expensive it is to borrow money, I find prices to be rather high (at least in Belgrade/Serbia). Even more so when one takes into account the often very poor quality (construction and interior fittings) of the houses as well.

Is seems as if the numbers remained the same when the currency changed from DEM to EUR (even though there were 2 DEM per EUR).

Anyone else (with more insight) have a comment on this one?

T K Vogel said...

It's not a hoax -- it was also the topic of a gushing piece in the Times a week or two ago (sorry, don't have the reference available right now).