Take two tabloids and call me

Poor Florian! He read nothing but Kurir and Srpski nacional for a week. Follow his link to see where that led him.


Yakima_Gulag said...

scary ! I went and read that. It was inspirational...I think...Today's Secret Klingon Word:cxfaqygd what Klingons say at moments of terrible Cognitive Dissonance

Seesaw said...

Well, if it were only Kurir and Srpski Nacional... There are so many "Kurirs" around us, I mean tabloids like Kurir. In all new countries (former republics)!!!

Yakima_Gulag said...

yes, Zdenka and they all have page 3 girls too. I have seen the one called Telegraph, it's pretty rank. Oh well Freedom of the Press has it's downside! The one here I like is the one with Ed Anger, he gets 'pig bitin' mad' about stuff, I'm just glad he's not on the radio. I'd go completely MAD if he were.