For a snowy day

Today was to be the first day back at work for much of the family but snow has closed all the schools. So it is as good a day as any to join this online gamelan, wouldn't you say?

Just a note on the snow: there has been nary a flake all day. This may be what hardened educational professionals call an opportunistic snow day.

Update: Snow finally did start coming down around 1 PM (that's 1300 for y'all who prefer that sort of chronological measurement). A friend recently arrived from the tropics of Finland writes: "This was a real surprise to us that schools and daycare can be closed because of rain, like 'snow expectance'!"

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Yakima_Gulag said...

I have that gamelan thing going, I need to go back out and get another book, I was just out getting my homework when I found that I needed another book. I have one mandatory class get to meet everyone else day and must look sort of like an office lady for this lovely occasion, and it's an aliean look for me. I, I think I can get away with my snow boots tomorrow because it's all icy around here. Once I eat lunch I'm goiing back out adn get the book. My classes are all wierd now, one is a 1 credit course, there's a variable credit course and that is the one I have to show up for sometimes.
the word verification looks peculiarly Indonesian today.pirea, doesn't look Klingon at all, so it isn't Klingon