Cuisinia Slovenia

I have just been told by a highly-placed and well-informed source (my sister) that this month's Gourmet magazine has a feature on the delights (nay, glories) of Slovenia. They don't make their articles available online, though, so my report on it will have to wait until I get a chance to visit a store. Has anyone had a look?


Michael M. said...

If they don't include dormouse recipes, I'm going to be deeply disappointed.

I'd be quite interested in seeing this story -- it's a shame it won't be online.

Eric Gordy said...

In the Uk, it is illegal for domice to "be killed, injured, disturbed in their nests, collected, trapped or sold except under licence," according to the BBC's helpful guide:


But this hunting business is intriguing. What sort of firearm is used?

Yakima_Gulag said...

so what's the best wine with dormouse?
What are the side dishes? why is this site in German? Do Germans also relish the dormouse? What is the best substitute should you see a dormouse recipe and suddenly check the cupboard finding a total lack of dormice in all their lovely furry glory?

lxxxvwe is today's secret word, for once not Klingon, it's the sound made by sucking dormouse bones...