Meanwhile in the Bahamas

If you like awards competitions, the voting has begun for the Satin Pajama Awards at A Fistful of Euros. I've enjoyed using their list of nominated weblogs to discover some interesting new sites that I had not known about before. This site has been nominated in two categories: best weblog (not getting that one, I know) and best Southeast European weblog (who knows). Win or lose, it is an honor to be in the company of the SEE competitors: Argumente (business and strategy from Romania), Illyrian Gazette (not just showbusiness ethnopolitics, but also occasional hot Slovenian action), the newest incarnation of Draxblog (the SEE blog institution, plus film reviews), and Csikszereda musings (with a bit about Miercurea Ciuc, at no extra cost). But go and have a look at the nominees in every category, there is a lot of good reading around, for every taste from the technical to the personal.

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