Mind the gap

My travels are going to have me for a few days on what the online terminology calls a "blog hiatus" and what I call "not writing many posts." In the event that this leaves you with a burning desire for interesting reading (or if you had one to begin with), have a look at the wonderful journal published by the sociology students at the University of Zagreb, Diskrepancija. The current issue has original articles on a number of current themes, a new translation of an essay by Laclau and Mouffe, a special section critically reviewing Jeffrey Alexander's cultural theory, and reviews. There is an archive of past issues, a section in English for those who prefer it, and a photo section. For more news on sociology in Zagreb, including football match announcements, check their blog.


Paul Stubbs said...

Hi Eric

Paul Stubbs here. Enjoy Georgia and bask in the glory of the fact of getting mentioned on prime time Croatian tv last night. The subject - the implications for Croatian identity from Severina's win in Croatia eurosong which some think is pure 'Balkan turbo folk' god forbid. Anyway, young ethno-musicologist-anthropologist Sandi Blagonić cites Gordy as saying that, in Serbia, those who like turbo-folk are the new urban peasants and that maybe it is the same in Croatia.

Eric Gordy said...

Fame, I'm going to live forever! I haven't met this young researcher, but hope to be lucky enough to get to Zagabria and see every interesting person there (you too, of course).

I just got back from Georgia last night, with any luck I will have something about it soon.

Paul Stubbs said...

for Sandi Blagonić see http://www.iskon.hr/vijesti/blogos/