Things I will not miss from Belgrade

Mostly Belgrade is a perfectly pleasant place to live in and the down-sides are made up by the up-sides. Here is one of the down-sides to most other places: Indicted war criminals. It just does not really make my day, as just a few days ago, when I parked the car and had to see Nikola Sajnovic going to church (my fault for parking next to Sveti Save one could argue). Good news, he had to go back to the Hague the next day. A few years ago I had my lunch at the otherwise wonderful Grmec ruined by the company of Aleksandar Pavkovic. Unfortunately, I have not yet seen any of the war criminals for which I could get 5 mio. $ and retire.


Yakima_Gulag said...

on the not seeing anyone you could get rich off, steta! then again maybe their friends would have made it unpleasant to collect!

Florian Bieber said...

yup, I guess it's better not to have such an encounter, considering the company.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, Florian:

1. From your post, it would seem that indictment equals conviction, yes? Otherwise, why object to the presence of those still presumed innocent on the streets?

2. Was your crack about it being unwise to park near Sv. Sava an objection only to proximity to adherents of the Serbian Orthodox Church, or to Orthodox Christians, or to those of all churches, or maybe all religions and those who believe in them? The intolerance of the self-proclaimed proponents of tolerance is always fun to see.

3. Aleksandar Pavkovic? Surely you mean Nebojsa Pavkovic, in which case you owe an apology to Sasa, unless this is a revealing slip of the pen.

Aleksandar Pavkovic said...

Let me just say that I was not in Grmec nor could I have been(I do not know where that cafe is). I wonder why I was confused with someone else, in particular since I am not acquainted with Mr Bieber (nor is he with me).

Aleksandar Pavkovic