This summer's atrocity film festival

In these last few days of my stay in Belgrade, I haven't had the time or energy to post what I have been thinking about the latest atrocity videos, showing crimes against the civilian population during the course of the "Oluja" operation in 1995. But I did have a chat on the subject today with Dragan Štavljanin of RFE/RL.

This will be my last post for a few days. I am supposed to return to Boston (through London, thanks to my brilliant planning) tomorrow, and then I'll be off for a few days, after which I hope to be back with a shiny new computer.

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András said...

Writing on B92's blog site Milic i Milic also writes about this summer's crop of war-crime snuff movies. With atrocities on all sides now viewable on video, he argues, the documentation simply provides fodder for nationalists seeking to downplay one set of crimes and play up another. He doubts that it will lead to the prosecution and punishment of war crimes and their prevention in the future remains open to question. While he's no doubt right about the (mis)use of these tapes by nationalists on all sides, the swift, concerted and sober reaction of war crimes prosecutors from Sarajevo, Belgrade and Zagreb to the appearance of these tapes is surely a hopeful sign.