Montengrans and other ans

If Serbia is RS, then the inhabitants of Montenegro are "Montenegrans". Well, at least this is to whom Rumsfeld talked to: Rumsfeld holds talks with Montenegrans after that trip, he is going to talk to Serbans, Croatans and Bosans. Luckily, he is not visiting the Republic of Sata.


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Dear Gents,

I would humbly point out that the Presidency in Sarajevo was attacked yesterday, by a handful of NGO activists throwing huge paint-filled condoms.

They called it "Šarena revolucija", kicked a SIPA copper, got thrashed and arrested. Today we protested police brutality, to no avail.

Have a look at the photos and videos of event via www.sarajevo-x.com, I am sure you will get something out of it.


I. Čečo

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The link doesn't work on YouTube, apparently you removed the video