A dal se to pita na slavi?

Repeatedly asked by reporters to clarify the status of the ministers from the G17+ party who have resigned their positions but continue to occupy them, prime minister Vojislav Koštunica replied:
"All these questions you are asking, I will gladly answer them some other time. Allow me, the question we are discussing today at the Academy is much, much more meaningful, regardless of any type of journalistic curiosity, than the questions you are asking. That question is absolutely secondary both in its essence and formally, compared to the fact that Serbia has finally received a new, democratic Europan constitution and that afterward democratic elections will be called. That is the only thing that matters."
"Four legs good," continued the prime minister, "two legs bad."


DeeJay said...

Greetings from Macedonia!

Bg anon said...

I've been doing some research on some of those guys recently.

Up until now I thought that tabloid accusations of corruption levelled at G17 were mostly rumour.

Sadly that isnt the case. They may have more professionals working for them but that doesnt mean they are not crooked.

Eric Gordy said...

Anything in there that is not already in the tabloids? Or are you saving this material for a big izvestaj?

Bg anon said...

Well its surprisingly easy to research.
Suffice to say its how certain financers of G17 are given a little extra government help when they need it.
But it kind of makes you depressed because the more you dig the more you realise that they are all at it.

I think the rotten core is the system of government / political appointments on state firms. It seems to ecourage a sense that you can cheat or at least is a place that legitimises doing little and taking a lot. And the end result seems to be party state - each reasonably sized firm should have a patron and then the mutual scratching of backs begin.

Eric Gordy said...

This reminds me of a theory I heard from a friend on the difference between corruption in the old empires and corruption now: the old imperial officials thought they would have their positions forever, so they stole a little at a time, while the current officials know that they have a short time, so they try to steal as fast as they can.