Great moments in devotional orthography

Not to pile on Politika (which I increasingly enjoy reading, especially on Sunday) or anything, but friend of East Ethnia Mirko sends in this tidbit I had never noticed from the bottom of the web page. As near as I can tell, aside from the occasional ad and the symbol for Swiss francs (which would look silly as цхф), the only Latin script that appears on the page is in part of the daily religious calendar. The Lord prints in mysterious ways.


András said...

I think it's appropriate and even touching to see Politika note the saints' days and other feasts of the Orthodox church in cirilica (next to an Orthodox cross), while the holy days of the Latin church are noted in latinica (next to a Latin cross).

What's less immediately clear is why Serbia's Muslims apparently observe the holy month of Ramadan in Latin script, while Jews celebrate Sukkoth in cyrillic.

igor said...

You can find the religious calendar (Latin script included) also on the last page of the newspaper.