Marginally related to referendum; more important news

One of the nice things about following ongoing news is the possibility of a surprise. Today I have had B92 running all day, and since today is Sunday that means listening to one of my favorite music programs on the planet, Žikica Simić's Dole na uglu. Today he is featuring the work of an artist I have never heard of before, Howe Gelb. This is wonderful stuff! Apparently he is playing a concert in Belgrade next week, at Dom omladine. Lucky Belgrade.


Anonymous said...

Hey there
Odd coincidence, I happen to read your blog, and I work at Howe Gelb's label. Glad you dug the tunes! Did you end up going to see him?


Eric Gordy said...

Sadly, we're not in Belgrade now. But we wrote to all our friends there to tell them to go. And we got the Sno Angel album, we've been listening to it constantly and tormenting our friends and relatives with it.