Election slogans

A few of the election slogans I have seen around (not all parties have begun media campaigns yet), with cheeky commentary:

DSS-NSS-Palma -- Živela Srbija ("Long live Serbia!," or alternatively, "Serbia lived!")
Jes da je živela određeno vreme, a vi se možda time ponosite, a?

G17+ -- Stručnost ispred politike (Expertise before politics)
It is not clear to me why any party would want to highlight its inability to do politics. The slogan might seem to call to mind some other things that G17 has put ahead of politics, which would not be so beneficial for the party.

DS -- Život ne može da čeka (Life cannot wait)
Is this a slogan for a political party or for a cosmetic product?

LDP i ostali -- Od nas zavisi (It depends on us)
Who thought that it would be a good idea to bring up the image of dependency in a slogan?

The phantom PSS -- Srbija ima snage (Serbia has energy)
I always thought that this slogan, the same one they used in the last election before the party leader hightailed it to Russia to avoid prosecution, should be "Srbija ima snaje." True and appealing, at the same time.

Noted at the bus station while waiting for my luxurious ride to Niš: the buses that claim to go to Sarajevo but in fact go to Lukavica no longer have a little sign in front saying "S. Sarajevo" ("Srpsko Sarajevo"). Now the sign says "I. Sarajevo" ("Istočno Sarajevo").


Bg anon said...

The LDP advert is quite amusing if you get time to see it Eric.

Kind of brings to mind a puppet on a string. Was trying to work out why Cedo is doing all those hand movements. First I thought it was some dumb policy advisor who has had management training in the West and attended one of those ridiulous courses on gesticulation - which I find always looks to unnatural and distracting - if it is unnatural.

But now I think all that waving about is connected to the 'my hands are dirty but my conscience is clean' type of comment that Cedo made after saying he did visit Spasojevic's Zemun mafia house.... hmmm maybe I'm just reading too much into all this...

Bg anon said...

On a more serious note most polls predict that SPS, LDP and G17 have a fair chance of getting past the 5 percent census.

Anonymous said...

Slogans are very inventive!!! As everywhere on Balkans!

Anonymous said...

LDP i ostali -- Zavisi od nas - greska!
LDP - OD NAS ZAVISI!...ima razlike..

Eric Gordy said...

Anonymous: quite right, I stand corrected (and will correct the text when I have a moment). Which also gives me an opportunity to direct people to the campaign web site, interesting because I think that they are the only campaign to put all of their spots, including many variations on the theme music composed for them by Vlada Divljan, on the net. It is at:


Surprisingly, I haven't seen media material from SRS, though in the meantime SPO has begun their media campaign, with a pretty decent slogan.

Bg anon said...

SRS hasnt begun its campaign yet.
We wait with baited breath...

igor said...

if we don't count the Hague fasting...