A brief blog silence

I am off for a trip to the lovely Ukraine, there will not be much posting, maybe not any, until this coming Monday.


Catherine said...

Have a good time over there!

(I wonder if Madame Ruslana Whiplash is still as ubiquitous these days...)

Eric Gordy said...

I dont know, but it will be a pleasure to check!

Bg anon said...

Eric a question for you. I'm sure you've heard the expression 'technology of power'.

Apparantly its an East European thing... see:


Anyway what is the closest English word that one can use to substitute the expression - or should I try to pollute the English language with these 'new' words instead?

Eric Gordy said...

"Technology of power" -- the first time I encountered the phrase was in the first book by Slavoljub Djukic, "Slom srpskih liberala." I've never seen it in English. "Political strategy" would seem to do the trick in most cases, but it is less dramatic sounding.