First signs of a mixed verdict?

No complete reports are in just yet, but the preliminary ones I am seeing seem to be pointing toward a mixed verdict. According to Reuters and Index, presiding judge Rosalyn Higgins is reading the ICJ verdict which defines the killing around Srebrenica in 1995 as genocide, but stops short of accepting the plaintiffs' argument that genocide was committed on the whole territory of Bosnia-Hercegovina. It will most likely be a few hours before it becomes clear how this adds up to a disposition in the case, and before the transcript of the decision is released (at this spot, when it is). I'm a bit busy with other things today, but will try to keep you posted as well as I can.

Update: Mixed as can be, BBC's report says ICJ rejected the charges, on the basis that the direct involvement of Serbia was not shown. These early reports will tend to be confusing, though, as reporters try to sum up what they have heard all of yet. I can link to each report as it comes in, or just hang on for the end. Probably better to hang on.

Another update: Back to Reuters, which is reporting the verdict as: 1) there was genocide at Srebrenica, but 2) Serbia did not commit it, but still 3) Serbia did fail to prevent and punish it.

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Yakima_Gulag said...

To fail to prevent a thing is to be responsible at least morally and in some cases financially.