In 1975, Dick Cheney was not able to distinguish a plural from a Saxon genitive. The NY Times is still covering for him, correcting his grammar when they quote it. Any resemblance of this fact to any other is most likely a coincidence. Or a coincident's.


Bg anon said...

Alternative is always something of a stickler for me.

I was always taught that you had one option and an alternative. But these days 'alternative' has become a substitute for 'choice'. ie you can have 3 or 53 alternatives.

In actual fact I wonder whether if when there are 3 options in fact there are 2 alternatives - one option and two alternatives equals 3. Hmmm.

Sorry for the digression. Yes another educated US administrator.

Eric Gordy said...

Maybe the scribblings of old Dick are a good way of illustrating that there can be choices but no alternatives?