A sada krivim sudbinu što ja volim ženu zelenu

Not meaning to intrude on koleginica Catherine's territory, thanks to Davor for bringing attention to the "first massive landing of narodnjaci in fifteen years" in Zagreb. Despite the promise of "nothing but good music and beautiful women," and the promise of a huge profit for Marijan Crnarić and the BN television outlet from Bijeljina, police unions seem willing to forego the overtime, as the whole turbofolk business is a little bit controversial.

PS: Just so readers do not think that turbofolk is the only musical thing on offer from Serbia -- tamo daleko bilo! -- have a look at the new compilation album produced by the fine folks at Popboks (and published, amazingly enough, by PGP-RTS).


Anonymous said...

worth mentioning that at the "Scena" section of popbox.com one can download mp3 versions of songs by most of the bands included on "Jutro ce promeniti sve" compilation. Check out Sajsi - Vozi me!!

Eric Gordy said...

And if you go to "Sadrzaj" there are samples of all the songs on the album! My favorites are Endorfin, Ika, Repetitor, Goribor and Graf. And Superstudio, yes.