News flash: Drunken twit makes fool of self

As reported here. And also here.


Viktor said...

Unfortunately Bora is sane and sober for years now, despite of what many think. Drunkenness or insanity would just make him unaccountable in public, and i think he knows very well what he wants to say: this is what he really means and this is what he really is - an evil man.

Eric Gordy said...

That definitely makes it a lot worse.

Bg anon said...

At least he claims to have given up.

He's evidence that the stoners at university were right about the boozers. Full of bile and aggression.

Now he's left his wife for a younger version. What a rebel? What a waste!

Eric Gordy said...

Hey Anon and Viktor, I guess the nutcases found your blog ... this must be a sign that the neonazis have more followers than old Mr Corba.

Yakima_Gulag said...

O.K. where's Mike Savage when you NEED him?!?

Shaina said...

bg anon wrote:
Now he's left his wife for a younger version. What a rebel? What a waste!

What a cliche!
You'd think he could at least have the decency to be somewhat original.

Yakima wrote:
O.K. where's Mike Savage when you NEED him?!?

Probably posting somewhere under the username 'anonymous' ;-)

igor said...

No wonder it took so many years (a decade maybe) from the first time he tried to have a concert in (independent) Slovenia until he was finally granted a visa.

Bg anon said...

There is a rather miserable ending to this story - which you probably have heard about.

Eric Gordy said...

I heard about it. Twit or no twit, I cant take pleasure in anybody's sadness.

Bg anon said...

Me neither but its kind of telling that this man enjoys pointing to what he sees as the errors of others while he is seemingly blind to his own faults.

I would even change my mind about him if he started writing poetry about himself in the style that he does about others. Certainly he has plenty of material. Not that I think he should do this for others. He should do it for himself. Either than or maybe he could behave more like a human being.

I cant imagine how the son and daughter feel about this.