The royal y'all

My favorite newspaper Press carries a declaration from RS politicians. Pay attention to the prepositional phrase that begins the first sentence:
"U ime Republike Srpske, odbacujemo kao zlonamerne i štetne sve pokušaje da se nametne kolektivna krivica za zločine počinjene u proteklom ratu i na tako iskrivljenoj slici izazove nasilna i radikalna promena ustavnog uređenja Bosne i Hercegovine, na štetu RS i njenih građana, precizira se u zajedničkoj izjavi srpskih zvaničnika u BIH i RS."
Hey guys (and they are all guys):
1. Vas šestorica niste "Republika Srpska,"
2. Šteta ne bi bila po građane nego po vas,
3. Nije bre narod kriv nego ste vi.


Anonymous said...

are you saying that Dodik is responsible for the genocide in Srebrenica? I'm sure he would disagree...

Eric Gordy said...

No, Dodik is saying that you are responsible.

Bg anon said...

Heh, theres a standing joke in my office that Press is my favourite newspaper. No accounting for taste...

Have you noticed Eric the stark contradiction between resolutions passed in the RS assembly and statements made by Dodik - primarily concerning Srebrenica but not confined to this subject either.

Is the game to do something the internationals like the sound of and then make it clear to the people that the opposite is in fact true.

Looks like the Serb Radical Party (or even DSS) could learn a lesson from the RS government.

Eric Gordy said...

Yeah, it's a fascinating double game. Also yesterday, when the statement was released, there was another move (maybe meaningful, but I didnt write anything here) to set up an institute for study of genocide in Srebrenica:


Like Zloba said about Dodik, pametan decko!

András said...

Dodik's proposal to set up an institute to study the Srebrenica genocide comes on the heels of his public statements denying that there was any genocide in Srebrenica:

"I think that genocide has not been committed in Srebrenica and that there was no plan to do it"
(M.Dodik, March 3, 2007).

It's reminiscent of the Turkish government's official position on the Armenian genocide: continuing to strenuously deny that genocide was committed and insisting that "it was a civil war in which everyone was a victim" (and no one was guilty?), while at the same time proposing that a
commission of historians
be set up to study these events to determine what really happened. That was in 2005. Two years later, no change (and no commission). Turkey is still busy denying and the Armenians are still busy seeking recognition for their genocide.