For the record, na engleskom

Here is the letter that Geoffrey Nice sent to several newspapers, and here is the response by OTP.

And here is my take: whatever may have happened with regard to documents being made available (or, as it turned out, not being made available) to the parties before ICJ, the very narrow interpretation of the law by the court's majority would probably have produced the same verdict. That may be as far as it goes for the lawyers behind the bench and at either table facing. But of course, it goes a lot further for researchers -- make the documents public, and we will interpret them without the constraints that ICTY and ICJ have.


observer said...

Good point, releasing the documents may also act to calm some of the political reaction to Nice's claim in Croatia and Bosnia, especially if it turns out there was nothing in the documents that would have changed the ICJ judgment - on the other hand keeping them under the viel of secrecy gives people the opportunity to invent for themselves what may or may not be contained in the documents in question.

Yakima_Gulag said...

Hear! Hear!

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