What would Escoffier do?

Now that Zveki Zmija has been given the chance to publicly lament his fate, Serbia will soon face crisis-level shortages of people threatening people. Stepping in: a bunch of people from Kruševac who call themselves the "Car Lazar Brigade." They promise unspecified action in Kosovo, but also to become "the foundation of a new Christian militia."

Leaving aside the fact that private armed forces are illegal (and why not leave it aside, since everybody else seems to), I endorse the nascent practice of naming vigilante groups after brands of cheap red wine. Sadly, there is no wine marketed under the name "dvorska budala" or "topovsko meso." The closest they could come would be one with unfortunate implications of animal abuse.


Yakima_Gulag said...

Excellent snarque! :) Right up there with the Hair Club for Men post! :)

Anonymous said...

Because paramilitary groups worked out so well for Serbia in the 1990s.

I love it that they're copying the Red Berets. Yeah, there's a role model -- not even Arkan, but a bunch of Arkan wannabes.

Doug M.