Advice you can't really argue with

Ah, so pleased to back in my palatial beogradska garsonjera. Everything is just as we left it except for one thing.

There is a colorful new sticker in the lift advising children on how to behave while sampling that high and frequently operational technology. Next to the useful instructions on how a child should, in case of emergency, phone the gradsko stambeno preduzeće using only an oversized teddy bear, comes this piece of indisputable advice:
A boxing match in the lift?
The lift will be a severe referee!
It's true, I think.


Catherine said...

I think you ought to bring one with you for the lift in our 'award-winning' new building...

Eric Gordy said...

Hey, I've been in that lift, and nobody was boxing. Unfortunately.

Bg anon said...

Sounds familiar for some reason. Maybe I saw a report on TV about lifts getting stuck and some 'expert' came on to say that children are to blame.

You can pollute peoples lungs with noxious car fumes but apparantly its more important that kids be educated on life etiquette.

Bg anon said...

make that 'lift etiquette'!