Za stan spreman!

Last week it was a prominent ex-legalist who was inviting folks to a fancy new Serbian-American war in Kosovo, if you recall. And who is willing to come with him on his wild ride? According to a survey by CeSiD (press release downloadable here, item as reported by B92), "around 70 percent of respondents are not willing to enter any kind of armed conflict over Kosovo, while 12 percent, most of them housewives and pensioners, consider it necessary to enter into war with the Albanians or with the international community." This core of support should not be underestimated.


Viktor said...

If we send housewives and pensionists to war, than who will play chess/feed the pigeons and watch latin soap operas? Our economy will colapse!

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha.Genuinely very funny both Eric and Victor's response!!!!

HOWEVER, if you are suggesting that the Serbs are indifferent to KOSOVO because a poll has found that most people are against taking to arms to defend it then you have totally underestimated the average Serbian citizen's attitude towards their holy land. It is rather that they have finally realised that the pen is mightier than the sword and will do everything in their power diplomatically to keep KOSOVO within its proper border of SERBIA.

PS. Why is it that when Serbs defend their rightful lands that they are branded chauvinists, nationalists, killers etc.IMPERIALIST PROPAGANDA-yes because they are small but strong nation alligned with the IMPERIALIST'S HOLY GRAIL, The Republic of Russia.

Eric Gordy said...

They didnt poll the diaspora, of course.