East Ethnian greetings from Northwest London

Yes, your humble correspondent has not been with you for a while as he begins to get himself settled in [do they really call it The Big Smoke? Why, when smoking is forbidden in most places?]. I have still not found a home, but expect this issue to be resolved soon. Fortunately, the friend at whose place I am staying does not seem inclined to tell me to leave just yet. Work, however, has begun, and I have a lovely office with a panoramic view of the chemistry labs. There is a lot to do, but for the first time, all of it is in my field, so it is hard to be anything other than delighted. And although my experience of the city has been mostly confined to my office and the local pub, this in no way prevents me from making the following observations:
  1. All those people who say the food is bad here are gravely mistaken. In particular, the Phoenicia Market on Kentish Town Road is about as close as we mortals come to paradise. There is also the place with the fine looking fishies, but it always seems to be closed.
  2. This idea that Americans have that other countries have cheap and efficient rail service has been thoroughly debunked, at least if we take England and Serbia as our test cases.
  3. Everybody has the most adorable accent.
  4. I must acquire the middle class male uniform, which would seem to consist of a) striped suit, b) blue shirt, c) no tie, and d) one of those mobile phone contraptions that people strap to their heads.
  5. The pub is the living room of the neighbourhood. This is a good thing.
I think that would be it. Exoticism is a fine cultural practice, and I hope that none of my UK-ish friends will be offended by it.


Catherine said...

Ah, those Bluetooth headsets. Do intellectuals wear those?

Eric Gordy said...

I think only the ones from the tehnička inteligencija. And the ones who were not accepted into the Silly Hat Brigade.

Owen said...

Who ever told you we have a cheap and efficient train service?

Eric Gordy said...

You mean, recently?