Glas gadosti

Since nobody reads Glas javnosti (what, no market for the respectable sister of Kurir?) I may as well point this out. Every few days they come out with a new installation of what the murderer and drug dealer Milorad Luković - Legija said. Or what their anonymous writers wish he said. In any case, the link invites online readers to buy a printed copy of the paper if they want to follow along.

No, I didn't think so either.


Dejan said...

That really puzzles me. I read an article in Vreme about newspapers in Serbia in which they offered some statistics about newspaper and tabloid readership in the country. It comes down to more editions than readers (three Serbs = four political parties and five newspapers), but my question is: do people who actually CARE as to what Legija has to say READ at all? Are they even literate?

I think most people buy newspaper for pictures... and for when they run out of toilet paper...

Eric Gordy said...

All I can say is that I got a selection of his novels from a wandering seller at a kafana. Only managed to read one of them, though. Miroslav Krleza the guy ain't.