Dostižna li beše?

Today Milorad Ulemek and a number of his other friends from the prime minister-killing, kidnapping, massacring, smack-dealing, office-bombing, Nokia-gifting and pinochle club known to admirers and detractors alike as the "Zemun clan" were sentenced to a total of 465 years in prison. If those years were laid end to end, they would stretch from the battle of Kosovo in 1389 to the opening of the first horse-drawn protorailway on the Lisava–Oravica–Bazijas line in 1854. Or if you prefer, to the birth of the fair to middling historical figure Milan Obrenović in the same year.

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Spooter said...

Hard to grant Milan such exalted status, unless you mean "fair to middling as a subject for historians."