Never have so many done so little for so few

Here's a cute little teaser from today's Blic on an item they promise to report tomorrow (my bad rush translation):
The Democratic Party (DS) and the Serbian Radical Party (SRS) have agreed in principle that early parliamentary elections should be held in September, but have not included DSS (the Democratic Party of Serbia) in their agreements. Behind this stands the intention of dividing up the support of that part of the electorate that favours the party of Vojislav Koštunica, says a high-ranking source in the governing coalition.

Koštunica has prepared an answer: he has offered the Radicals that in case of a declaration of independence [by Kosovo, pretpostavljam --EG] to declare a state of emergency, if possible with the support of SRS. The Radicals have not yet stated a position on this, but our sources tell us that Nikolić has already refused an offer by Koštunica to support a minority government of DSS and NS.

The matter of the survival of the government or the calling of early elections will be clearer after discussions between Tadić and Nikolić, which are expected to take place during the weekend. The premier, aware that elections would not be in his interest at the moment, has no intention of resigning, and seeing as Nikolić has rejected the possibility of the Radicals supporting a minority government, this [I assume the state of emergency -- EG] is his last offer.

More in the edition of Saturday, 9 February 2008.

Also possibly of interest, Mark Tran writes in The Guardian today (in a news article, not an opinion piece!): "Koštunica has abandoned his pro-western Democratic party coalition allies in favour of an impromptu alliance with the extreme nationalist opposition, the Serbian Radical party."

Update: The next day's edition does not add much, just two quotations from anonymous sources.

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