Partition plus, I suppose. Or maybe minus.

There has been considerable discussion of partition as a possible resolution for the conflict over Kosovo, as well as speculation that this is the resolution that the present Serbian government (secretly) prefers. For my part, I do not care to express an opinion for or against -- let the politicians squabble over what real estate they want to claim until they exhaust themselves, I am interested in whether people will be permitted (ever) to live normally on any part of the planet to which any institution cares to give a name. But I will direct your attention to the most elaborately developed and argued advocacy of partition I have seen yet, offered (a bit to my surprise, I will admit) by Dejan Jović.


Aleksandar said...

I read it... In the most literal definition of the word, it is fantastic.

Despite the creativity about how if we don't call the part we can't have any more Kosovo, people will somehow be satisfied that Kosovo therefore isn't lost, I don't think anyone would buy it. But any plan that starts off with trying to find the cover to sell a lie can't work.

Here's a plan; let's recognize reality, take stock of our real interests (i.e. easing life and reducing suffering on that part of the planet we do control) and let's see how we can do that outside of the "my state vs. your state" box.

Eric Gordy said...

I'd respond, but I am sort of hoping that Dejan might drop by himself.