Technical notes from all over

I guess I am not so much a client as a user of the Blogger service, since I do not pay them anything and they do not pay me anything. So this limits my ability to complain about their service. All the same, the new editing tool seems to be in the habit of eating my paragraph breaks. Do they taste nice?

It may seem that I spend a lot of time complaining here about agencies and companies that bother me (the Home Office, Defra, my local council, BT ....). This could lead to the impression that I am a grouchy old fellow, an impression that people who know me would certainly confirm.

All the same, in the interest of balance, a few of the providers of goods and services in the United Magical Kingdom who have pleased me:
  • John Lewis: They deliver when they say they will, and do not charge extra for it. And when I got a defective product from them, they were there the next day to take it away and bring a new one.
  • Riverford Organic: Say goodbye to depressing supermarket vegetables, order a nice box of veg from these folk instead. They come by once a week to bring it to you, and take back the box from last week to use again. The price is a little higher, but the quality is much better. And you don't have to carry anything.
There may be some more good ones out there.


Catherine said...

But if you're complaining you're being an active citizen. Which is apparently what our lords and masters ask these days of people who weren't born here and haven't thus acquired the birthright of lounging around like a couch potato.

And you're praising John Lewis already. That in itself must be worth a point or two.

Eric Gordy said...

Ha! And began the process of leaving Barclays bank today. Gori su oni od same sudbine.

Yakima_Gulag said...

Ha! I get so much spam saying it's from Barclays and the Royal Bank of Scotland that it is unforreal!
I like the idea of veggies you didn't have to carry! Sometimes just a block of being gently carried can ruin lovely veggies!

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