Guzonjin odvratni sin

I have not written about this story because .... well, because it is a stupid story about a stupid person. But here we go: the spoiled and brutal child of a rich family beats a person in a bar fight, causing that person to go into a coma. The family, certainly by means as charming as those by which they got the money the first place, compels the local Serbian consul to bail out the snot and then to violate the terms of the bail by issuing him a false travel document which he uses to hide out in Serbia. Then they expect the minstries of justice and foreign affairs in Serbia to continue to shield their horrifying weasel from being tried for the crime he committed. The result: the entire population of the country, that is to say people who -- unlike the members of the family in question -- are not bar bullies, forgers, practioners of bribery, cowards, or hohštapleri, have to tolerate the diplomatic crisis that was provoked.

Do they feel entitled? See what their lawyer says.

And all those people who are not criminals, and who have not bribed a consul? They wait to receive a passport, and wait to be able to travel with it.

Lesson from the arrests of war criminals: the whole country is better off when people's lives do not depend on the moods of people who live off influence they would never have in a legal state.


Anonymous said...

I seem to remember that there's someone else that this country has been sheltering from international warrants for a few years now while the country's been voting for the likes of Kostunica, Seselj, Nikolic. I'm sorry that they're now suffering on account of the squirt, but ...

ida said...

There were two other men in the bar beating - both Bosnian Muslims. As well it is claimed the guy beaten was after the girlfriend of the Bosnian Muslim, Sanel Softic. Sanel claims the guy grabbed his girlfriend's and he started arguing and accusing the beaten guy, Brian Steinhauer.

Both the girlfriend and Sanel claim Brian initiated the violence by headbutting Sanel.

Kovacevic claims he stepped in the try to stop the violence when he was hit in the side of the head by Brian. He claims he hit and shoved Brian away but did not beat him while he was on the ground. The Bosnian Muslims did that.

Ivo said...

1) It is not enough emphasized how a Serb and two Bosnian Muslims went nicely along in upstate NY. This is also a story of reconciliation, isn't it?
2) It is too easily brushed over that poor little Brian was just another drunk jerk in the bar, and that he did grope the girl, setting the stage for what was to happen (to him).
3) Just blaming the adolescent state of Serbia for helping spirit Miladin out of the US and refusing to send him back - misses the point - there was a guy out on $100k bond set by a US court, flying out of the country on a commercial plane. What happened to the no-fly lists? Are they there only to harass British peace activists and liberal journalists?
4) Miladin's parents and his lawyer are playing the smallest violin in the world regarding his treatment at the hands of US justice - and he was treated more fair then some US citizens would be - for example, if he was black in Louisianna, he would be charged for attempted murder, not for felony assault, and the bail would be denied - just look at the Jena 6 case - and there the victim walked out of the hospital the same day, while Miladin's victim was 2 months in coma - maybe after this case arrested Serbs get the "black justice" in the US, so their complaints may have some meat in them in the future.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what Brian did, whether he groped the girl or not, does not mean he deserves to be beaten to a pulp and sent into a coma.

Sure, guys (and gals) can react with their firsts at times, fine, I don't like fighting, but it happens. No need to go overboard, however.

Stop defending him, if he did nothing, then surely he has nothing to fear by talking to the police.

However, I do agree that if the US won't allow citizens to be extradicted to another coutry, Serbia has every right to refuse and trial him here.

Sarah Franco said...

some years ago in my country(Portugal) there was this case:

a policeman was killed by a man of cape verdian nationality.

the criminal escaped and returned to his country because he knew that the national law in cape verde would not allow him to be extradited.

felling a sense of impunity, he didn't bother change his identity or hiding.

he was arrested in his country, trialed and condemned by his country. he is now in a cape verdian prison.

this case should bring shame on any decent citizen of serbia.

also this is an abuse of power on the part of the consul that is very serious. I would like to know if he was punished in any way.