Holiday music from North Ethnia

Okay, I understand that at least here in the USA, it can be a little difficult to enter a public place at this time of year without hearing atmospheric music of the "holiday" genre. Fine, but why does the genre have to be so narrow? And really, bells, was it Pavlov who determined that the experience of shopping is enhanced by pop songs with bells?

Thanks to Viewropa, here is a nice alternative. When I played it, my beloved spouse called from the other room, "Irish or Balkan?" Postmodern Polish, actually. (The link is to a somewhat slow-loading mp3 file, 3,8 MB.)

"Chasidic Dance," by the Warsaw Village Band

Enjoy! And do have a look at the group's web presentation at this address.


Anonymous said...


In my quest to procrastinate, rather than grading the 85 papers sitting in front of me, I clicked on the Chasidic Dance link. I love it! And just ordered it too... Thanks e.


Eric Gordy said...

Great! Anything to save a friend from the pain of grading papers.