New on East Ethnia: A list of links

A small thing, yes. But look down the page on the right, and you will find that I have added a link list to the site. Since I am not terribly proficient in things computer, this took a bit of digging around for scraps of HTML (thanks to Coturnix for a big chunk). For some reason typing bits of letter combinations into brackets has made me feel accomplished.

Guarantee: Every link has passed through a rigorous process of me looking at the site and deciding whether I like it or not. Suggested additions always welcome, of course.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link on my blog on your Balkan blog list. Thanks to Dear Erasmo, I am now reading your posts regularly.

Eric Gordy said...

A pleasure! If anyone reading this is wondering, the excellent site in question is at http://miljacka.blog.hr

Nominate it for best regional coverage at http://fistfulofeuros.net


Guy said...

Thanks for the link! The favour has been returned.
It is great to have a Balkan-man on my blogroll. Very interesting region, keep us posted.

PS: It would be greatly appreciated if you could find an English language Albanian blog. So far I have failed to find a good one from the land of Skanderbeg.

Eric Gordy said...

Yes! We need Albanian blogs! Post good ones that you know about to comments or send them to me, egordy at clarku dot edu!

coturnix said...

Thank you for the link. I guess I'll blog some Balkan stuff every now and then.... Halfway Down the Danube is the only one I have read before you put your links. Thanks. I will be overhauling my links etc. over the holidays (many blogs seem to have quit after the US election, or switched to boring stuff) and will make sure that Balkan blogs are included.

Eric Gordy said...

I'll look forward to your new selection. It does occur to me that a lot of blogs have a short half-life, people lose energy or interest, or they feel like they have said everything they have to say. But then, it's true that keeping a steady flow of interesting material is a job. Thank goodness for recipes!

On the topic of recipes, I'm fond of http://www.toomanychefs.net/

coturnix said...

On the topic of recipes, I am going to try your pancakes!

coturnix said...

Nominate your favourite blogs for Kaufax Awards: