It's a love thing

The testimony of Vojislav Šešelj is continuing at the Hague, for some reason. In the context of denying the large-scale killing at Srebrenica, he claimed that it was a massive execution of prisoners of war. Since this is also a crime, if his testimony were to be taken seriously by anybody as evidence it would not help any of the people charged. Just to make his statements less useful to the indictee in whose defence (!) he is testifying, he claimed that the Serbian government provided transportation for the victims.

But the high point may have been when he repeated his claim that the major national groups involved in the Bosnian conflict were all Serbs of different religions. The accused asked him whether such claims spread hatred, to which Šešelj replied, "No, I spread love by telling the Serb Muslims that the joint state should be restored." Voli i on Vas.


Anonymous said...

You don't know f@%* all about war in Bosnia. You like many other have glasses on your eyes and wherever you turn your head you se the same picture painted on your glasses by electronic media serving the same idea, which does not recognize serbian people and their fundamental rights.
Leave those fake courts, to do ther dirty jobs of faking history,
your uncle Bob

Eric Gordy said...

Dje si ujko.