When it was fab

Coming out next week, Kako je bio rokenrol is a collection of the writings of the late legendary music writer Branko Vukojević in the magazines Džuboks, Start and Ritam, as well as critical essays for Politika, between 1975 and 1991. The collection is edited by Goranka Matić, Dragan Kremer, Momčilo Rajin and Predrag Popović. The presentation will be 6 September at Kinoteka in Belgrade at 12:00, and speakers will be comic artist Saša Rakezić, film director Milutin Petrović, multimedia artist Uroš Djurić, music journalists Dragan Ambrozić and Predrag Popović. The publisher, Drustvo ljubitelja popularne kulture, has posted a web page with information, photos, reviews, and two chapters for download.

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