Confusion over "Captain Dragan"

A recurrent news story in Australia over the past week or so has been the case of Dragan Vasiljković aka Daniel Snedden aka "Kapetan Dragan," who achieved notoriety as a paramilitary commander in the war in Croatia. Since word got out that he was giving golf lessons in Perth, there have been calls (notably from Graham Blewitt, the former ICTY deputy prosecutor who is now a magistrate at home) for him to be prosecuted in Australia as a mercenary. Then the Croatian justice ministry requested his extradition in order to try him for "most serious war crimes." Now it seems that the person Croatian prosecutors have evidence against and want to try may be not Dragan Vasiljković, but the similarly named Dragan Vasiljević.

There is no such confusion, however, about Croatia's request for the extradition of Anton Gudelj, charged with the murder of the conciliatory Slavonian police chief Josip Reihl-Kir and two other people in 1991.

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Anonymous said...

THe only war criminals in that war were the Croats