A step forward in war crimes prosecution

The special prosecutor for war crimes, Vladmir Vukčević, has detained nine people on suspicion of involvement in the massacre of 48 civilians in Suva Reka in March 1999. Among those detained are six active police officers. Two facts are of special importance here: 1) this indicates movement on the evidence from the mass grave in Batajnica, where victims of massacres (including those from Suva Reka) were moved in 1999, and 2) this demonstrates willingness to prosecute offenders who are neither paramilitary nor former officials, but are officers on active duty.


Yakima_Gulag said...

I call this a really good step forward!

Eric Gordy said...

The headline in tomorrow's Blic may be a sign: "Pobili žene i decu, osramotili naciju"

Yakima_Gulag said...

VERY good! I am glad that people are realizeing how bad this was for SERBIA! because it was simply terrible for Serbia!