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Dragan Vasiljković arrested in Sydney. More news as it happens.


András said...

At least this will keep "Captain Dragan" in Australia until his extradition case is heard. The Interpol warrant alone would not have been enough to keep him from skipping the country and flying back home to visit his pal "Knindza" the bear at the Belgrade zoo. The bear, and Serbian émigré golfers in Perth, will have to learn how to get along without him for the time being.

valerio said...

the cover page of the croatian newspapers had dragan playing golf in sunny sidney. it's really funny to see him in such an enviroment, after one saw him with seselj and other paramilitary buddies elsewhere. maybe dragan was just teaching seselj to play golf. :-)

Eric Gordy said...

I remember the early and mid nineties, when Dragan was still something of a figure in Belgrade. The image he cultivated was as more professional and less brutal than Arkan, Seselj and the bunch, not so much a marginalac struck rich. Looking at him now, and the bits of his biography coming out through the Australian papers (not to mention his strikingly informal style of correspondence), it becomes clear just how much that image depended on the context.