New issue of Hidden Europe

The issue is actually dated 3 January, but it is new to me. The January 2006 issue of Hidden Europe has articles on the cultures of Sardegna, on the suburbs of Bratislava, on the search for the perfect dumpling, and several other burning questions. Sure to interest readers of this site.


Anonymous said...

I've been a fan of this magazine for some time actually. I find the content and style of writing make it an entertaining read but also a great resource for teaching. It's worth checking out the search function on their website (www.hiddeneurope.co.uk) for specific articles.

Yakima_Gulag said...

it is a great magazine, and I really appreciate your haveng called our attention to it, there's lots of good Balkasn stuff in there.

hidden europe magazine said...

Wow! Nice to see our magazine getting a plug here. Thanks to Eric Gordy for initiating this thread. Actually, the latest issue of hidden europe magazine is now out, and includes a feature on Novi Pazar in southern Serbia. Details on our website on www.hiddeneurope.co.uk

We're certainly planning more Balkan features in upcoming issues. Elsewhere in the latest issue, published two weeks ago, are articles on Yezidis in Germany and Armenia, on Teschen, on Russians in Berlin, etc.

Nicky Gardner and Susanne Kries
Editors: hidden europe

Alex Hurst said...

Having checked out the website, I can inform you all that Kosovo trains, ethnic divides in Macedonia and an old Swedish speaking village in southern Ukraine (Gammalsvenskby) all feature in the May 2006 issue of hidden europe magazine. Plus a snippet from Sumqayit in Azerbaijan, a note on the growing Polish community on the island of Jersey (in the Channel Islands off the north coast of France) and an account of dental tourism in small towns in Hungary and Slovenia. The magazine is produced by a Berlin-based team, and their website is at www.hiddeneurope.co.uk. Most of the articles are produced in-house by the hidden europe team, but they do feature a couple of guest contributors in each issue. The Macedonia feature in this current issue, for example, is by Chris Deliso of Balkanalysis.com (www.balkanalysis.com). The magazine also produces a regular e-newsletter which has a lot of material from across Europe. Yesterday's e-news, for example, included something from the remote community of Sfantu Gheorghe in the Romanian Danube delta (Lippovan Russians there, I think).