Kad kiša pada poleti iznad grada

The amusingly named discount air carrier Wizz Air will be introducing a line between London and Zagreb on 27 March with one-way fares starting at 43 Euros, and a promotional fare starting at 33 Euros. That is more than the 15 Euros that B92 is reporting (though they do specify, "before airport taxes"), but still one heck of a price. Zagreb, prepare yourself for a rush of drunken weekenders.


Catherine said...

Well, my alleged countryfolk have to go somewhere now they've drunk Prague and Tallinn dry....

It's still worth knowing, though! Suppose the first no-frills Dubrovnik route can't be that far off either...

La Lara said...

Eric, kakav je ovo stih u naslovu? Prvi put cujem

Eric Gordy said...

Izvini, Lara, I'm showing my age. From the sabrana djela of Jure Stublic i njegova grupa Film, early 80s pretpostavljam:

Svaki covjek ima krila
sklopljena kao kisobran
u futroli iza ledja
spremna za kisni dan.

Kad kisa pada
poleti iznad grada
iznad oblaka gdje Sunce sja
tamo te cekam ja!

Kupi kartu za autobus
na liniji za Novi Zagreb.
Zaljepi nos za prozorsko staklo
vidi ljude, vidi zgrade.

Pronadji najveci i najvisi neboder
pojuri liftom do vrha
i gore na krovu hrabro reci zdravo,
rasiri krila i jeheee!

Kad kisa pada
poleti iznad grada
iznad oblaka gdje Sunce sja
tamo te cekam ja...

Eric Gordy said...

Scusate, Jura (kao "Island of Jura") a ne Jure (kao "jure autobus").

lifeisaboutajoke said...

just to let you now. skyeurope has flights from bratislava to dubrovnik, split, zadar, sofia, burgas and bucharest for free. so there are a couple of different places in south east europe to go to pretty cheap. you just have to pay the airport taxes ;-) have a look at www.skyeurope.com

be said...

thanks 4 the link