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Comeback efforts that nobody wanted are not limited to the remix/reissue of the ouevre of Leo Sayer, but also include the return of the very diplomatic Vibbi, about whom if there is anything to be said he will &(*%$#@^ well say it himself. Before the plague of reappearance strikes people you want to see again in the wrong way, you may want to consider signing the petition by the "Odbor za očuvanje dostojanstva profesora Baltazara."

Image courtesy of Društvo hrvatskih filmskih redatelja.


coturnix said...

Oh, I loved Balthazar as a kid. Especially the beginning when he gets his huge machine to work.

Daniel Durini said...

It has been a while now since I saw my last Profesor Baltazar cartoon. It brings so much memories. Actually, the Zagreb school of animation was quite recognized internationally ever since the sixties.