For all those not yet convinced that "Serbian music is great!" Thanks to Illyrian Gazette for linking


Anonymous said...

Happened to pass through... I have a CD called "Serart" by Serj Tankian, the singer from Armenian American band System of a Down, and Arto Tuncboyaciyan (say that 5 times fast), an Armenian percussionist and singer. I listened to it to (try to) get to sleep last night... this article reminded me of it, even though Armenia isn't quite Balkan. If you're interested I'll burn you a copy when the FCC's not watching.
- Scott B. (from Soc of Culture)

Eric Gordy said...

Hi Scott!
By all means, Armenia is Balkan enough by my standards! Of course you know that good old Woosta is one of the major US centers for Armenian culture (not as major as Watertown or Fresno, though).
By the way, I'll have more notes for culture up on the other site sometime today, and the papers distributed as soon as I get them.

Werner Bossmann said...

hi eric, I just posted something about the Seva and Brega on my blog bureaubelgrado.blogspot.com. I know this is not the right way, but I wanted to bring it to your attention. It is in Dutch, so it won't be of any use to anybody outside of the Benelux or South Africa (but the pictures are nice most of the time), but I would consider it an honour to be included in your list of balkanblogs. Keep up the good work, cheers from Belgrade, SCG.

Eric Gordy said...

Hello Werner-- Yes, I know about your blog, and I've looked at it several times (sadly, I can't say I've read it, since my Dutch is on the nonexistent side). I'll be happy to put in a link, of course. I will probably be going through the link list when I have a little time over the weekend.

Werner Bossmann said...

we are thinking about making a list of balkanblogs as well. good to see there are quite a lot. and to 'borrow' from your neighbours, Yugo-style.