Požarevac: The trouble with Harry

The Body of Evidence couldn't make it to Moscow. Belgrade doesn't want it, the government won't recognise it, and the military won't honor it. There is concern in the cemeteries that it may end up near the bodies of decent people. So the family has decided to bury it on their own property in Požarevac.

Reports of mourning aside, not all citizens are happy to rejoined by the dictator they removed. Have a look at the comments (219 of them and counting) on B92. There is talk of an "anti-burial" to coincide with the autoamnesty festival on Saturday (see the announcement reproduced on Viktor's Belgrade Blog). SPS is failing in its effort to organize a public viewing. The parties of the old regime are threatening to bring down the government if they do not get symbolic satisfaction, and SPO is being invited to bring down the government if they do. Expect some ugliness on Saturday as the "two Serbias" meet again.

Meanwhile, the American far right radio host Rush Limbaugh has made his own contribution to the flowering of conspiracy theories. Clinton killed him, por supuesto.

Illustration: Predrag Koraksić in Danas, 13 March.


Yakima_Gulag said...

A whole mess of us should call Rush Limabaugh and Mike Savage and Read to them what Antiwar.com has been saying and rip them a new one for spouting commie propaganda! Probably you notice I've been saying something about this itneresting Rigth/Left lovefest for a time. It really seriously bothers the Hell out of me!

Steve Albert said...


Thanks for this.

Let’s hope that after all the talk about the ultra-nationalists turning Milosevic into a hero, the viewing and the funeral turn out to be something of an anti-climax.


Anonymous said...

I wonder - time permitting, I might try to gatecrash the Pozarevac burial.

Would it be immoral to pose as a sympathiser but to go there with the intention to report the experience?

Yakima_Gulag said...

@annonymous: I'd crash the funeral in a heartbeat for the sake of a story. I'm sure I could do it too! Not everyone that went to the viewing was a sympathizer and an inside view of the funeral might be very interesting and what a story to tell the grand kids!

Anonymous said...

yakima I didnt go after all. A rather well known local journalist told me I was 'stupid to even consider coming to Pozarevac' so I stayed away and watched from my bed.

And it was quite gripping viewing I have to say.